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How to write an essay about freedom

The essay must begin with the introduction. There the main initial problem is indicated. In terms of size, the entry takes about 10 percent of the total. Then the student’s comment on the problem should be followed. It also takes about 10 percent. Write My College Paper Service and Custom Writing here.

Subsequently, the author’s positions and language tools used by him begin to be analyzed. This part should take 20 percent.

Finally, the student writes about whether he agrees or disagrees with the author’s theses, gives relevant arguments and talks about his own opinion on this issue. This part takes 40 percent. In conclusion, it is indicated why and for what everything was written – by the author and the student. This part is mandatory as a certain indicative conclusion that you have learned something.

This essay about freedom is always written from the first person, which should be in the singular. If you define the genres to which the essay may refer, then it is rather personal and lyrical. Accordingly, there is a coincidence of the “lyric hero” with the narrative. After writing, never forget and do not be lazy to reread the newly written. Try to divide all the semantic parts into different paragraphs and, accordingly, start a new thought with a new line.

An example of writing an essay on freedom.

The concept of freedom for each person is purely personal, and the ideas about it are ambiguous. In the modern world, freedom is a cult value, but everyone understands it in different ways.

In my understanding, freedom is to do your favorite thing, bring joy and good mood to your family and friends. For me, this value has nothing to do with patriotic and political views. This is only a deeply personal state of mind when you feel yourself a happy person with any financial disagreement. Although for many people the freedom is to be financially independent. But it is worth remembering that money alone can’t give any freedom. Thus, if the main goal for a person’s financial resources, then such people can hardly be called free. Because in such cases a person simply becomes their hostage, but not a free and independent person.

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Therefore, much depends not on the amount of money, but on human intentions, as well as on the attitude towards them. Every year, more can be heard about freedom in relations, or as it is still commonly called in the society “free love”. But is this statement correct? Personally, I believe that relationships that are built without any commitment are hobbies of weak and insecure people, and such people can’t be free in any way, because they are always afraid of responsibility.

And to be free means to fully account for the done deeds and be responsible for them. Therefore, I believe that relations without obligations should not be placed on the same level as freedom. Many people also argue that freedom is to satisfy your whims and all kinds of passions. Basically, these are not religious people, for whom the satisfaction of one’s own desires is in the first place. They will not stop until they achieve the desired result.

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