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So, write my college paper about video games, you should start with the history. Can someone write my college paper for me?
By historical standards, the age of computer games is the generation of present-day thirty-year-old people. The first games (Tetris, Snake, Pac-Man, etc) appeared in the early 1980s. These games were very addictive.
The first “Prince of Persia” was released several years ago — the game that seems primitive compared to its later remakes, but with the imitation of real sounds and well-planned plots. The whole offices played it!
The first shooter games (“Doom”, “Quake” and “Wolfenstein”,etc.) were already approaching. There are still several Internet resources for those who want to remember the old games we played only on some consoles like Dendy. Well, we still have a choice.

Can I pay someone to write my essay about games?

The teacher, parents, and psychologists raised the alarm because of the computer games. And there was the good reason for that. Nobody voted “for”– almost everybody focused on the negative aspects of “video mania”.
You can tell the addict child or teenager right away– they’re not good at communication, have fussy look and make nervous movements with hands and legs. It has almost no “real” friends, only the “online” one. He doesn’t know that Web is loneliness; it’s just a virtual “crutch”, the way to escape reality. However, it will get you — sooner or later.
Another danger awaiting the fans of video games — the risk to confuse the real world with the virtual one. The game must remain the game, nothing more.
Is there any argument in favor of video games? Perhaps, there is one. If the games involve strategic thinking or establishing the logical links between the objects, such a hobby is entirely justified. It is even better to diversify the games by changing the shooter for the strategy, strategy for the quest, and the quest for the intellectual puzzle.
People’s attitude towards the video games doesn’t matter. They are popular. If there wouldn’t be a demand, there wouldn’t be a problem. This way, the game knows no age.
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