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Literature review

Appointment of review is to describe what has been done on the subject under study by the moment of the study: to form concepts, approaches of different authors, the current state of the problem, as well as a range of unsolved problems in the area of knowledge. The literature review is carried out to designate the narrow problem selected for the research. Get College Paper Help Service Help.
In the review you need to substantiate the necessity the research, that’s mean to show that the study of the concerned problem, on the one hand, is current and future and on the other hand, is in practice, but it has not yet been carried out or performed in insufficient volume.
There are people who think that for writing a certain review it’s enough to look through the book, then you would know the sense of it and can say if you like it or not. This is a false opinion. The literature review is your own thinking of various publications, from a number of shorter pieces. The literature review could be also a part of a great research work. Its main aim is to prevent the duplication of efforts, to find conflicts or misunderstandings with you thinking.
When you have understood the main idea, it’s time to formulate your own statement. You could think that literature reviews have theses as an assertion. It’s partly true and we can also say that it’s not true: there are some kinds of abstracts there, but they are quite different. Your future work does not necessarily argue a current position or opinion.
Use the citation carefully. Do not write an essay consisting of citations. The main aim of the literature review does not provide detailed quotes from the text, which were used by someone else before you. Some short citations are appropriate, but in general, the review should be written by you.
Every time it’s necessary to use modern sources. When you decided to write a review on the theme of the history or social sciences, here you don’t need to worry about the output time. But if you write a literature review in the scientific sphere, for example, on diseases, you have to remember that a few years ago the information was quite different. You should find other current reviews of the literature by this theme, to get a meaning of what’s happening at present time.
The main recommendations for the literature review:

If you can stick to this plan and to some special moments to write a review, then your work will be filled with meaning. This review will be evaluated because of its performance you have done the hard work. We can not say that the literature review is very simple, it is necessary to carefully approach and your desire to achieve excellent results and only then you can do your work efficiently.

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