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Students who have duped by scammers pretending to propose writing assistance online lose trust and hope of ever finding reputable writing services. This is because they have found themselves not only losing money but also putting their academic dreams at risk as scammers submit poorly written work that is also plagiarized. The sad part is that they need these services to complete their academic assignments. Some of them contend with part-time jobs while others find themselves studying units they are least interested in. We, at, felt the need to take action to prevent more students from losing their money to scammers and having nothing to show for it. We think that each student who pays for a writing service should receive quality products that they can put to use in return. We created this site with one aim, to rebuild the faith and trust in online writing services amongst students.
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We do this through an approach that has been proven over time, customer reviews. Because customers learn a lot from each other, we go out of our way to ask students who have used online services at any point in writing reviews about the services they received. Our requests are often very specific and we encourage customers giving the reviews to be very candid. In their reviews, we are usually interested in knowing whether writing companies uphold the rights of customers to be provided with accurate information; get updates on work progress or communicate directly with writers. We also want to know whether their policies are clear and the extent to which they observe those policies. Customers also need to tell us what qualifications writing company staff has and whether the companies make available samples of work written by their staff. Most importantly, we are interested in knowing customer views about college write my paper service, the cost that was offered to them and whether the pricing was consistent.
As a review organization, we conduct our own separate reviews on companies and go through different social media platforms to see what other reviews are available. We analyze all this information and using a pre-designed criterion that has parameters like customer service, costing, quality and usability of final product and meeting deadlines, we rate the performance of each company. The writing companies are then ranked in numerical order. The ranking process results in a list according to performance. Usually, the most reputable writing companies are ranked at the top while others follow. This ranking shows students very clearly which write my paper service can be trusted to produce quality work at reasonable prices. We publish these reports on this website so that consumers can access and use the information therein to find essential writing services.

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